Friday, 16 July 2010

the O R A N G E escapade

A throwback look but with a mesh Quotum dress oppose to the Vintage Black slip I paired the hells with last year. These heels are Revivals baby!

Vanessa Vida <3


Gimme 3 reasons why not? Sure they look like one of those binoculars with click-wheel images flickering on the lenses....but like a sprained ankle, boy they ain't nothin to play with. Walter Van Beirendonck we salute your vintage!

American Apparel 'til your hearts content.

Bahahaha, the model doesn't look like she's feeling the look. But if only she knew the £305.00 frames would make Prada-type Fashion slaves M E L T.

Vanessa Vida <3

Thursday, 15 July 2010

HERE Kitty Kitty.

Why the hell not? $5.99 and they dead-ring any Alexander Wang, Norma Kahmali and Prada trend. You guys know the ones about, just see below.

Vanessa Vida <3

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A foreword about Fashion; Don't ever expect anything.

With this...I present you the most fashion conscience style of Vans.

A subtle twist to the Oxfords.


And now: Here's a few noteworthy Sneaks for this season. We're reaching back to the streets on this one.

Vida Plastica <3

Holdin it into your eyeball...

I've been avoiding the blog unfortunately. As some of you might know...I'm moving to Texas!! Yes this fashionista is going to conquer European fashion trends stateside. I'm headin to Cali first but then I'll be in Texas for almost 6months.

Enough of that though...'lo and behold my Summer sweethearts: LINDA FARROW X JEREMY SCOTT. I'm definitely contemplating the purchase in Frisco.

$265 with a beautiful grey gradient. I would if I could. 
Courtesey of Opening Ceremony.

Vida Plastica <3