Tuesday, 20 April 2010


With all the bright colour influence for the current season, its time to get nostalgic of darker times. Pair a key black piece with light colour fabrics for a dark romantic twist.

Vanessa Vida <3

Half BaKED

 Creating fantasies; TopShop

Vanessa Vida <3

Friday, 16 April 2010


Okay this is def not the best pic of me considering I squinted one eye lol! Just showing you guys how my haircut kept up. I got the fringe thickened by cutting more into it and tbh I've been doing all the chopping myself because the maintenance for this hairstyle is ridiculous.

He makes me laugh.

Vanessa Vida <3

Online Label L o v er and Vintage-Extraordinaire!

Some of you may already know this but for those who are new subscribers and such, I have an online store on Ebay! WAAHEYYYY. Whenever I find a designer vintage piece or just something to DIE for, I will put it up on ebay for you guys to buy because I love my bloggers :) 
Naturally everything goes on Auction but I will take offers to 'Buy It Now' so you can bag it before anybody else does :)

Check it out right now...I have a Summer Celine clutch/handbag and Missoni Sunglasses up to purchase, and soon I'll have a few more vintages pieces.

Log on and love it!

Vanessa Vida <3

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Material V I O L A T I O N

Tell me differently that this dress isn't hot.

Duct-tape dress Ann-Sophie for Cheap Mondays @ urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Vanessa Vida <3

S I T down in silence and W A T C H the subject matter carefully before you start sketching...

Pieces of ART IN MY LIFE.

Yes I know I have posted this particular portrait up before but what can I say, I love Xavier. He's my muse.

Urbanista's!! 20% D I S C O U N T @ Urban Outfitters

Follow the link and thank me later! The offer is valid until Midnight TONIGHT [15/04/10]

Im BACK - im S I C K of Disappearin!

It's always one thing after another and this time my camera was stolen at Uni on a night out. So not only have I postponed any potential photoshoot ideas I had, but I lost the drive to blog!

But I'm back...regardless of having final exams coming up, my photos will be up frequently along with all the fashion stylings you guys deserve. I'm definitely going to be blogging the outfits of fellow students because I have seen some very interestin looks that have gone amis because of my lack of camera :(

So, introducin my baby KoKo the Kodak lol.

Its a bridge camera so I've got all the quality of a DSLR but with less weight to carry. Oh happy days.

Vanessa Vida <3