Sunday, 28 February 2010

The W a t c h ful bloggers eye

I'm obsessed with watches at the moment forget bangles right now because we've seen traces of them in every trend within the last seasons. Time to make wrists more pragmatic.


Monday, 15 February 2010

NEW * C o n t a c t

Label: Kaufman Franco
Designers: Isaac Franco and Ken Kaufman
Claim to Fame: The duo previously worked under the Valentino house in Rome and with Ungaro and Anna Klein in the US.
Signature: Kings of the Gowns. Free flowing materials, 'provocative' fit and true to natural colours
Fans: Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Halle Berry & Emily blunt to name a few.


Some of their great works.


Vanessa Vida <3

The H E A R T and feet are connected by little cords

You've probably seen them, and so has the rest of the world but I'm still in love with these shoes regardless of season, style and all laws of fashion-dom.
Lo' and behold the appropriate revival blog of Alexander Mcqueen's Heart Peep Toe Shoes.
Want to get in my good books? Buy me any of these 2 colourways and perhaps the Markus Lupfer Teeshirt dress to match.


Vanessa Vida <3

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I'm slightly slow with the posts because it was Valentines weekend and obviously me and my boyfriend were out and around. No camera right now because it broke on holiday so it's going in for repair :(

 Colour of the Moment - Block Orange by Barry M.

Vanessa Vida <3

Death of a Muse

One of my all time favourite fashion designers. A huge inspiration to my Art work throughout A-level and always one of the most exciting designers to watch every season.
I'm still in shock; Your work will live on.

Alexander McQueen 1969-2010
by Kin Ho photography

Monday, 8 February 2010

Mon S A C

I bough this Grey leather bag from Brazil because even though I have the new Miu Miu one, I needed something to carry my laptop in guiltless-ly. 
I like the camera effects; Welcome Hyper-exposure!

Vanessa Vida <3

Le S a c

The season's most chameleon piece - the Chambray Jumpsuit.

Vanessa Vida <3

Saturday, 6 February 2010

La Prairie Moisturiser Review

We all hear about this brand and initial reactions are "there's no way I'm buy a moisturizer for that price. I could buy 5 pairs of shoes instead!" But there's a reason that people emphasize the care of your skin, and one of the reason's is because good clothes can't disguise good skin.
La Prairie is THE superbrand for creams amongst other celebrity favourites like La Mer and Evelom and are known to use some very extravagant and expensive ingredients in their products.

I recently bought La Prairie 'Advanced Marine Biology Solution- Day/Night'. Said to 'replenish, repair and hydrrate', this product retails for £97-£111 (50ml) and no less unfortunately, so take note of this review before you go out and make this pricey investment.

The little frosted glass bottle is minimalist chic with its silver top and lettering. This means to say that you are truly paying for the miracle within the bottle rather than the container itself. It is lightly scented which smells quite fresh and reminiscent of cucumber, and similarly coloured to be pale green and pretty.

On application the solution is more of a gel oppose to a moisturizer, so the texture is much lighter and goes on smoother without needing to rub it in as much. Once it is on my face it feels weightless and quite clean oppose to that greasy feeling you get from cream based moisturizers. It is said to be highly concentrated so that  you only need the tiniest amount when using it twice a day and therefore one bottle of this stuff could stretch for half a year. Definitely a 9/10.

The Promise
The solution claims to act as a 'food' for your skin, by nourishing and replenishing it intensively. Not only this but the elasticity of the skin is said to improve along with delaying signs of aging. This generally means that it is good for younger skin such as my own, and as the guy at the La Prarie counter said, there are no harsh chemicals that are found in anti-aging creams so that young skin is simply hydrated. La Prarie have also stated that the collection of Advanced Marine Biology products product against oxidation which is what takes a toll on our skin day-to-day.

The Results
After using this product for 2 weeks, so far so great. I bought it just before going on holiday so that when I came back with a tanned face, my skin would remain hydrated and prevent from peeling. As of yet my tan remains so I am really pleased the productworks. The other thing is that my face looks healthy, I mean SUPER healthy. No word of a lie, two people have commented on how I look all 'glowing and radiant' these days....of course they don't know it's all down to my £100 facial treatment!
I have baby soft skin and the colouration of my skin looks much more even, kind of like I'm wearing foundation 24/7 which to be honest, is what a woman wants.

Taking into consideration all of the factors mentioned above, I absolutely recommend this product to women of a young age who do not have wrinkles or fine lines as of yet. It is prevention for all those things in the future. This product is one-of-a-kind for your face and its well worth the money if you are religious about beauty. Even though £100 is frankly unbelievable for a facial cream this size, take into consideration that it can last 6months or more. You have to total up how much you spend on cheap facial products and see if this one product can outweigh them. 
Let this be a present from parents, or an investment because not everybody can buy this cream and have enough to get home!

I will definitely be buying this again when I have enough money but hopefully within the next 6months I would have saved up enough for it.

Vanessa Vida <3