Friday, 1 January 2010


I'm off to Brazil in 5days time and the last time I went, I got my first tattoo.
I only ever want to get sentimental tatoo's on my body so that when I die, all the memories can go with me. However, I have been SUPER pissed off at the rising trend of Butterfly tattoos because my name actually is a specie of butterfly [the red brush-footed variety] so when I had that ink'd on me, it was purely a commemoration of myself. The music note underneath symbolises something I really love.
People nowadays have just tainted the idea of a butterfly tattoo or anything musical, as purely aesthetic. YOU F*CKERS!

Vanessa ^^

Luckily for me, I don't have to prove myself to anybody and now I want a tattoo to represent ME AS AN ARTIST. I'm making this into a competition because the first attempt at a competition didn't go down well lol.  
I have a Lancome eyeshadow palette to give away to the person that can suggest me a tattoo design to represent me as an Artist.

1) You can use photos/visuals to explain your idea or just words to describe it
2) Enter as many times as you like. The more entries you have the better chance you stand of winning
3) Open to anybody in the world.
4) The closing date is the 15th
5) Copy and paste this into a blog & post it on your page. Provide the link with your entry.


Vanessa Vida <3

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