Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy 2010, May Your blogs be F R U I T FUL!

Small pieces of my Xmas activities in its material form

I pimped out the phone and laptop with the matching cases lol. It's about time I invested in the things I use everyday.

Yes that's a MIU MIU bag with a MIU MIU bag inside. I'll be blogging that shortly...however I will be buying another bag from there so maybe I should do them both at once? [My boyfriend bought this one for me :) I love him <3]

There's a few gifts in this shot. Underwear [totally was not going to blog that!], Classic Tall Black Uggs [University attire], The Marc Jacob Daisy giftset which is WOW.

There they are in the corner of the shot.

GET THIS SET! If I'm gonna recommend you beauty bloggers something...I'd say get the 'Too Faced' beauty kit. The Lip injection is seriously good, the mascara is nice & light, the Eyeshadow Primer is yet to be tested and the glittery eyeliner is cute.
After I saw how much my mum paid for it I wasn't surprised. Too Faced are slightly over priced but I reckon its worth far.

The Non-material Form

As unflattering as a half shot maybe, Pongo [my dog] is way too big to get a full shot of him being mid air so this was as good as it got. He loves his Xmas monkey Mum bought him lol

This year's skinny tree. Mum didn't want a fat one...

My cat Lily has many a nickname but undoubtedly the most appropriate would be 'Drooly' as coined by my dear friend Antonio. Rightly so, in this photo if you look carefully he is drooling lmao.

My boyfriend yesterday, Pre-drunken New Year state. Look at those eyes! Gosh...

Vanessa Vida <3

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