Friday, 11 December 2009

Let Me Show You My Stocking...

So I'm compiling my list of what I would LIKE for Xmas and not realistically what I'd get. Blogging can get me a bit escapist so blame Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, I-D....

1) Any thing by Gisele Ganne. Definitely worth the money if you look at the delicacy of the 'Divorce Rings' which are my favourite. All her work is pretty morbid but like my old art teacher used to say: 'All of the best work goes dark at some point...'


They range from like £700 to £1000+


2) Regardless of whether I have money to spend or not this season, I will 110% invest in these babies. Completely reminiscent of Alexander Mcqueen & Alexander Wang in height, style and gorgeous-ness.

I could wear these with anything so its undoubted that I'll be sleeping in these lol.
Topshop Alexus Boot


3)  The Alexander Wang Rocco Bags come in a few colours and textures so its actually near impossible picking one you really like seeing as they all look so beautiful however, I did see this 'croc' one in a few places in London and I fell in love.

The studded bottom detailing.


4) TBC


  1. Love the rings..morbid can be beautiful too =) xO

  2. Wow, those rings are amazing! ~Checking out other rings now~