Friday, 16 October 2009

The Return of the Shewolf

MUHAHAHAHA readers I am back from the terrors of Swine flu! Yes you read correctly,  I was infested to the eyeballs with a huge pile of tissues trailing behind me. Having checked my blog roll it seems everyone I've subscribed to has at least 2 new posts...I really have to catch up.

Anywho. I'm at Uni right now [the most unfashionable place on earth] and so my creative juices really aren't flowing as much as I'd like them to.

I have to HAVE TO show you my top pick Coat for this season courtesy of Topshop [who else]. Complete knock-off of the one that Zara were stocking for pre-season at the exact same price. Makes me wonder if they had the same supplier?

If I get it I'll put a lovely guilted brooch on it. Reminds of that episode of SATC where Carries dating the politician and does the spin on Jackie O with the corsage.

Question; Are there any of you out there that want to ask me questions or would like fashion help? WRITE ME! I'm here for the abuse [don't take this literally] & I'd love to hear from you all

Vanessa Vida <3