Sunday, 13 September 2009

Equestrian Winter

Even though the equestrian trend was a major hit last year with the riding hats, crops, boots etc. it seems the style still lingers even in high street fashion.

I'm going to invest in two pairs of boots this month to kick start the Autumn fashion and so I'm thinking for my first pair...should I go horsey?

For a day look the Aldo boots are perfect. I could pull them off with a cable knit jumper dress with wool tights or bring in the harems, silk shirt and black waistcoat [will blog this collage]

So what do u think? Balmain and Givenchy have both done the 'hooded' heeled boot this season but this is the best adaptation I can find to wear at Uni.

Left to right: Balmain Crystal animal-print boots, Givenchy Leather Gaiter ankle boots

Please drop any suggestions should u think theres more to the boot 'hood' fashion I haven't seen!

Vanessa Vida <3

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  1. i LOVE those aldo boots. i saw them in the store 2 weeks ago and have been meaning to get them. i went on the website today and they werent there anymore. do u by anychance know their name? im trying to find them on the internet but not having much luck without the name.