Sunday, 13 September 2009


I have so much to be sorry about! I have not blogged properly for ages, and when I mean properly, I'm talking Fashion content or any glossy photos for your viewing. This will change believe me, because I'm going through some huge transitions right now, so my blog life has been caught up in the process.

I will be leaving London. I'm now going up North to a little town called Keele to fulfil all my academic dreams. When you're as urbanised as I am the change is too overwhelming, which is why I've had to take time out to conquer the fears of life in the countryside!

I will be living in a house with a few new people, so I'll most definitely be blogging about my new room and the more 'greener' surroundings of Staffordshire. On top of all that; London Fashion Week is happening JUST before I leave, and having put a huge deposit down on the house, I doubt I can afford to attend :( Also, my birthday which is on September 29th has now had to be pushed forward 10days to accommodate the fact that I'm leaving on the 26th.

Below is a few snaps of what my University looks like...I have to have to have to paint the landscape when I get time even though portraits are more my thing.

Back to the subject of fashion: I really wish I was invited to attend London Fashion Week as part of Trade or VIP. Do any of you get invited or know what calibre of person is invited? [minus Celebrities]. i mean it really sucks if you ask me, that Celebs would be invited when half of them don't appreciate the craftsman ship of haute couture/runway fashion! Psh...

Hopefully one day London will recognise me as a blogger worth the invite! Speaking of which lucky Super-bloggers Karla [] and Rumi [] were invited to attend NY fashion week, so maybe I just have to step my game up to get where they are...
...mind u being an inconsistent Fashion blogger does not help!

OOOOHHHHHH another big big change in my life...I HAVE A MACBOOK PRO! It's so chic and minimal. Definitely must invest in a big bag for this beauty [will do a follow up blog for this].

Meet MacMurphy:

He's running the new Snow Leopard OS. I feel so Sex & The City but I might retract that if my boyfriend reads this and starts teasing me.

Will promise to Vlog, write and pester your dashboards with my good word.

Vanessa Vida <3

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