Saturday, 1 August 2009


Completely off topic just for a day, I want to talk about something heart felt. I am so heartbroken after reading in The Sun newspaper today, that a poor 4 year old dog was left abandoned because the owners thought he was "ugly".

This is the most bullsh*t I've ever heard considering his last owners were GRANDPARENTS who probably look like dehydrated prunes. The inhumane-ness doesn't stop there; They named him...brace yourselves...ET because apparently "he's too ugly to have a normal name". I'm being Serious.

Understandably as you will see in the photo below he [im not calling him ET] is not the most astonishing of dogs because he's a rare breed called Mexican Hairless Xolo. This just means he doesn't grow fur, won't moult and potentially his owners wouldn't need to "vacuum." Yet he has been in a dog shelter for months on end and according to the shelter, nobody stays to play with him because of his appearance.

This is him

He needs E45 cream rubbed on him to prevent dry skin, sun cream for Summer months as he burns slightly, and a nice jacket for the winter. People, I ask you, doesn't he sound like us? We all need that level of care but lucky for us we can do it by ourselves. He can't.

So I've decided to give it a week. If he is not claimed by this Friday, I'm going to get him. It's a short drive from my house and my pets would get use to him. I can't bare to see something so helpless suffer with Winter coming round the corner...I'll keep you updated.

Vanessa Vida <3

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