Sunday, 26 July 2009


And so here it is! This is acclaimed to be a fresh start for me in terms of Social Networking. I've tried Myspace, Hi5 & Facebook, but there's only so far freedom of expression goes and so this is honed to be my new "spot" (:

...Now for the good stuff; I'll be blogging about fashion, fashion w/ photos, fashion & art, fashion for me, fashion for u. Ladies and Gents welcome to the candy store for fashionistas alike. Anything in life that interests me I'll keep u posted with gloriously glossy images.
This page will be sheer Fabulosity (gotta love Kimora)
Feel free to ask questions! I'm here to be pestered [in the nice way] but just to start u off on a few facts:

- Currently 18
- Artist
- Just going into Uni this September
- Aspiring to practice Law
- I dance. I teach dance.
- Basketball <3
- I'm Hispanic & ever so proud...

On a final note, this is me. And this is what I do.

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Much Love, Vanessa Vida <3

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