Wednesday, 29 July 2009

In the Name of Vintage.

Last March I was browsing through Topshop and saw the most amazing pink Ostrich feather Jacket. I was intent on buying it until my boyfriend reaaallyy put me off saying I'd look like a sheep, or an idiot basically.

Since deciding independently that it would have been :
A) an investment piece, B) a vintage item and C) a beautiful jacket for my winter nights out...
Even flicking through Elle a few months ago I saw a designer with the same one but longer, unfortunatly it was Parisian Vintage ):

In my quest for this DAMN coat before Winter strikes [as if we even HAD a Summer here in London], I beg of u bloggers to suggest me places it can be bought or even if u know any websites with similar ones. It's a jacket not a Bolero.

I can't find the coat photo anymore but this is the gilet version, please lemme know what u think!! Do you agree with me or my boyfriend? I've seen a killer AllDressedUp dress I could buy for it. Ironically Topshop have brought back the opulence of the ostrich feathers in the A/W Kate Moss collection in the form of blue miniskirts. I mean they are okay, but my heart is set on that jacket.
My issue is that I always want stuff I can't have grrr.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dark Pink Mongolian Gilet by Topshop, Meadow Jersey Dress: AllDressedUp @

I promise the pics from the shoot WILL go up soon but the problem is that its raining and I can't get more shots outside.
Vanessa Vida <3

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